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Oil Change Service & Auto Repair Maintenance At Your Gainesville Mitsubishi Dealership

Our Customers Matter

Welcome to the Gainesville Mitsubishi service department, where you will have the ultimate customer service experience. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with an unforgettable experience to keep them coming back time after time. Experience the difference for yourself and visit our Gainesville car dealership today.

A Variety Of Auto Repair Services In Gainesville

Here at Gainesville Mitsubishi, we know that our drivers value quality auto repair and we deliver. We offer a wide variety of different auto repair and maintenance services including:

  • Oil Change Service
  • Battery Replacement
  • Brake Repair
  • Tire Replacement
  • Wheel Alignment

We also offer the Gainesville Mitsubishi Lifetime Guarantee. These benefits include warranty service on components such as the engine, cylinder block, internal parts, transmission and more. You can take this guarantee to any certified auto repair facility in the country. Learn more about the Gainesville Mitsubishi Lifetime Guarantee when you visit Gainesville Mitsubishi.

To learn about all the different services we offer, call our service department. For the ultimate experience for auto repair in Gainesville, visit the Gainesville Mitsubishi service department.

Picture of Auto Repair At Your Local Dealership In Gainesville

Keeping You On The Road

You can't avoid auto repair when it comes to owning a vehicle. What you can avoid is getting poor car repair done to your vehicle. Here at Gainesville Mitsubishi, we take pride in our auto repair and maintenance. Our technicians will work to ensure you are back out on the road in a timely and efficient manner. Our goal is to keep you out on the road and out of the shop. Call the Gainesville Mitsubishi service department today.

Oil Change Service At Your local Mitsubishi Dealership In Gainesville

Mitsubishi Oil Change Service

Oil change service is one of the most common and regular vehicle maintenance services that you will receive while owning a vehicle. It is also one of the most important and vital to the performance of your vehicle. The oil within your engine keeps all of the components lubricated and ensures that unnecessary wear does not occur. If you don't keep your engine oil fresh and clean, the consequences can be devastating. Schedule your next oil change service at Gainesville Mitsubishi today.

Certified Technicians Who Know Your Vehicle

If you need auto repair in Gainesville for your Mitsubishi, there is no better place than where the experts are. Our team of certified technicians have been trained by the manufacturer to repair your specific Mitsubishi model and will do it in a timely manner. They have been trained to only use genuine Mitsubishi parts as well as the specific tools for each. Schedule your next appointment at our Mitsubishi service department today.

Picture of Brake Service At Your Local Mitsubishi Dealer In Gainesville

Brake Service And Repair

When you need to stop your car, your brakes are there for you. As a vital safety feature in any vehicle, you want to make sure your brakes are functioning properly. If you are hearing any screeching or squealing when you brake, it could mean you need them checked. When the metal parts of your brakes are rubbing together, it can cause damage that will cost more money down the road. You don't want to be blindsided by extra damage. Avoid it by coming to our Mitsubishi service department at the first sign of trouble.

Picture of Battery Service And Replacement At Your local Mitsubishi Dealer In Gainesville

Battery Service & Replacement

Is your car taking longer to turn on or just not turning on at all? It might be time to replace or charge your battery. Luckily, you have access to our Mitsubishi service department and certified technicians to help you. They will be able to inform you on which battery you need and will even install it for you. Don't get caught on the road with a dead battery. Come to Gainesville Mitsubishi today.

 Picture of Tire Service And Replacement At Your Local Mitsubishi Dealer In Gainesville

Mitsubishi Tire Service

Your tires are a vital component to your vehicle and to driving. Without your tires, you wouldn't be going anywhere soon. That's why you should take the best possible care to ensure that your tires are in proper working condition by taking your car to our tire service center. Here at Gainesville Mitsubishi, our team of trained technicians will be able to assist you with choosing the correct new tires for your vehicle for maximum performance. If you need new tires, visit your local Mitsubishi service department for all of your tire needs. Take a look at our Gainesville Tire Promise.

Mitsubishi Wheel And Tire Alignment Service At Your Preferred Mitsubishi Dealership In Gainesville

Wheel Alignment Service

Having your wheels aligned is a very important maintenance service to have done, whether by itself or when you replace your tires. When your wheels are not aligned, it can cause your tire tread to wear unevenly, which will then cause your car to wobble or pull to one side while driving. If you start to feel these symptoms, schedule a service appointment with us at our Mitsubishi service department today.

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